DICOM Viewer

Radspa Viewer image

RADSpa™ Viewer is the DICOM viewing application and processing tool. The viewer is tightly Integrated with the RADSpa™ RIS & Workflow engine. It has a wide range of visualization, measurement, study display and distribution features with an easy to use user interface. In addition Software-rendered MPR/MIP with oblique and double oblique sectioning, curved MPR and 3D correlation is supported.

RADSpa™ provides a choice of viewers to meet the needs of Radiologist, Physician, and Patient.

1. RADSpa™ Diagnostic Viewer
2. RADSpa™ Web-based Viewer for patient.
3. RADSpa™ '0' FP Viewer with 2D functionalities.

RADSpa™ is also compatible with DICOM compliant viewers and Mac-based viewers including Osirix.


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