FAQs :

What are the benefits of an integrated RIS- PACS compared to a stand alone RIS ?
What are the future trends in the Healthcare IT Market ?
How to increase Radiology Workflow Efficiency in 2016 ?
The Key to a successful RIS-PACS deployment.
How to transform your Radiology Practice with DICOM Routers ?
How does a Cloud Based RIS PACS Solution Re invent Radiology Workflow ?
Mobile DICOM viewer : How To Use The Mobile Optimized Viewer ?
Are the tools on a DICOM VIEWER customizable?
Can We change the layout in a DICOM VIEWER?
Can you collaborate in real-time within the viewer?
Can you view more than one image at a time on a DICOM VIEWER ?
Does the DICOM VIEWER work on an iPhone or tablet?
What unique advantages does cloud based solution offer my business ?
How do we access RADSpa®?
Does RADSpa® work on different browsers?
Does it come with its own DICOM viewer?
Does it have 3D, MIP/MPR features?
How many countries are using RADSpa® now?
Does it come in different languages?
How customizable is the solution?
Does it have workflow rules of automation?
Does it have a patient portal?
Can the solution be used in different applications?
Is this also a integrated RIS/PACS solution?
Can this product be used for image sharing between facilities?
Does the product come with round the clock support?
Does it have QA and Peer Review features for tele-radiology?
What kind of MIS (Management Information System) tools are available in the system?
Does it have a Scheduler built in?
Does it have HL7 interface?

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