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Mobile RADSpa

mobileRADSpa® is an excellent mobile teleradiology solution & a next generation radiology automation. It is an integrated and collaborative teleradiology solution that automates RAD Workflow and DICOM imaging at the convenience of an iPad. Enables Radiologists to access studies, review and upload the findings as Voice recording at the touch of a button. mobileRADSpa® is revolutionizing the radiology industry by making the radiologist work load truly accessible anytime anywhere.

With mobileRADSpa® a radiologist on a touch of a button will be able to:

With Touch of a Button
  • Fully integrated RIS and PACS platform
  • Connect to RADSpa® server over iPad
  • Download a Case
  • Conduct a Study on iPad with support of DICOM Imaging
  • Log findings
  • Sync with RADSpa® server and be updated
  • Create and Share Studies over iPad
  • Voice dictation
Device Requirements
  • Operating system supported - iOS 4.3 - 6.1.3
  • Platform - iPad version (Runs on any version of iPad running on the above specified ios versions, but preferably ipad2 or later. These versions of iPad is recommended for better performance)
  • Memory - 8/16/32/64 GB
  • Connectivity - 3G or WiFi

RADSpa® Mobile provides Radiologist, Physician, and Patient the below choice of viewers to view images.


With mobileRADSpa® the RADSpa® Radiology intelligence system has been seamlessly extended for Mobile access with user interface and PACS imaging optimized for iPad.

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