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Teleradiology Solutions has deployed RADSpa® from Telerad Tech™ as the technology platform for its radiology reads for two of its three radiology functions - The electives and Telerad RxDx. The platform has been in use for the last six months and we plan to deploy same for the other radiology functions of the organizations’ over the next 3 months. We have chosen RADSpa® over the other competing products as it was transformational in terms enabling efficient distributed radiology work-flow involving multiple locations and global spread of the radiologists and customers. RADSpa® has unique technologies like the auto workload balancing, collaboration platform, DICOM auto-push. For efficient reporting and faster image availability. With the on-going deployment of these technologies across the functions of Teleradiology Solutions we are realizing significant improvement in radiologist productivity, order of magnitude improvement in quality with quality monitoring and feedback mechanisms in RADSpa® and efficient customer are with the RADSpa® physician module.

Over the last 3 months we have seen almost 3X improvements in the measured average quality of reports when compared with the earlier systems. 1.68% of the cases reported with the earlier system have reported "need quality improvements" as against only 0.63% with the studies reported with RADSpa®. This is significant improvement in the quality of reports by adopting the RADSpa® platform.

Approximately on an average 40% of radiologists report time is spent on the report editing, workflow and system tasks compared to 60% of time spent on core radiology tasks involving viewing the images and formulating the report. With RADSpa® we are seeing that 40% of non-core radiology reporting time can be reduced to 2X. This leads to an overall 20% improvement in the productivity of the radiologists. With present volume of 50,000 studies per month, we project to increase the volumes by 20% to 60,000 studies per month with RADSpa® with similar number of radiologists. We project that this will help us service more customers and provide an ROI of 20% over the current top-line.

RADSpa® being a customizable platform, we believe other radiology practices can drive similar befits of efficiency and quality improvement by adopting the RADSpa® platform.

Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur
Teleradiology Solutions

RADSpa® Radiology Intelligence System with Integrated Image Management (PACS) Benefits Grupo PTM Physicians and Patients.

We are a teleradiology and onsite radiology company that has been around for the last 4 years. In that time, we have grown our practice from 30 reads per month in the beginning of the company to 2,500 reads per month entering our third year in business. Although business was growing, we were struggling with quality, workload and performance with our old PACS system. Then we found RADSPA through a partner in Austin, and we were amazed by the performance, ease of deployment and affordable cost.

We have been using the RIS/PACS Radiology Workflow solution RADSpa® from Telerad Tech Pvt Ltd., India for the past year. The performance of the product has been outstanding, easy to learn and use. In addition to increasing the quality of our practice, we also increased the number of studies we were able to read with the same number of staff, both Medical and Non-Medical, from 2,500 reads to 9,000! It was amazing, almost like magic. All with an installation and no downtime, and easy to learn and use. Telerad Tech® team was helpful from the beginning, and we were pleased with the training.

Dr. Ulises Bacilio

RADSpa® the automated radiology workflow software of Telerad Tech Pvt. Ltd., Whitefield Bangalore installed in the year 2011 has been working satisfactorily in our centre. All our radiology modalities namely MRI, MDCT, CR and MAMMO are networked through RADSpa®.

In addition to image management, we are using RADSpa® extensively for our Teleradiology Services. We are happy on the performance of RADSpa® and especially the 24x7 response from the Telerad Tech™ support group

M. Ballal
Ambalpady Medial Centre

We appreciate the RADSpa® software which is being used for routing the studies for remote reporting with a minimum turnaround time, and the training imparted to our technicians by Ms. Jeby Saji on the study transmission techniques for our CT modality.

Telerad Tech™ 24x7 online support ensures continuous diagnostic patient care in our hospital.

Dr. A.Pandian
Deepam Hospital

We greatly appreciate the technology software platform RADSpa® being used for reporting which allows for very quick turnaround times, as well as the efforts of your radiologists doctors to ensure reliable and accurate reporting.

I would also like to thank Mr. Ricky Bedi and Mr. Sivasankar of your associate company Telerad Tech Pvt Ltd, for the technical inputs and support related to RADSpa®.

I wish Telerad Tech™ all success in their noble endeavors for providing healthcare to remote areas of our country, where healthcare facilities are very scarce.

Rathore Digital X-Ray

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