Veterinary radiology software

The VETSPa has been designed especially for the Veterinary doctors and incorporates all the workflow needs of this group.

WHY use VETSpa™ ?

Important reasons you would want to invest in a VetSpa™:

  • Archived for 7 years or more in a level 3 data center with enterprise level redundant hardware. Entire data center in Denver is replicated in Seattle. Data is absolutely safe
  • Stored in a VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive). No proprietary standards used. Stored as standard DICOM. End user can get all archived studies at any time on a media and migrate to another system if they so desire
  • Can be upgraded at any time to an integrated RIS/PACS solution
  • JPEG views of the archived solution can be viewed using an IPAD or a IPHONE
  • Software allows sharing of studies with a patient using a patient portal. No more expensive CD burning and courier costs
  • Comparison of two studies is possible
  • Multiple users can view archived images with secure credentials
  • Patented software in router allows secure encrypted and high speed transmission of images
  • Round the clock support
  • No upfront hardware / software investment with enterprise level configurations available to all
  • Used in over 20 different countries and hundreds of thousands of studies read every month on the system by Radiologists
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Can be upgraded to powerful reporting systems with dictation capabilities
  • Can be upgraded to include workflow automation rules to improve productivity
  • Highly customizable including but not limited to HL7 integration, mobile computing, rebranding options

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