RADSpa – Artificial Intelligence

AI-Powered Algorithms in RADSpa Changes Interactions in Patient Care

Increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases requires more frequent imaging and more complex scans at much higher resolutions than was needed earlier. All this along with more slices per scan and an acute shortage of radiologists is the perfect recipe for delays in interpretation and longer wait times.

That said, a big challenge that radiologists face is how to optimize the results of the efforts they put in with zero compromises on levels of accuracy in their diagnosis. The only way out of this situation is the adoption of smart software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). That is precisely what we have managed to do at Telerad Tech by incorporating AI features in RADSpa.

RADSpa has access to Telerad Tech’s in-house AI algorithms which integrates seamlessly with its RIS-PACS. Besides this, AI tools of any 3rd party can also be very easily integrated with RADSpa workflow to give a unified AI experience to the user. These AI tools, when executed over the scanned images, empowers Radiologists to provide increased, consistently accurate and faster diagnosis.

RADSpa AI Service integration
RADSpa Algorithms


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