06 Nov 2020

Enhancing RIS-PACS solution with Artificial Intelligence

It has become fairly clear of late that using technologies is aiding radiologists in not just enhancing patient care but also optimizing their time and effort. Several universities across the globe including the University of Virginia Health System are now looking for platforms that can be seamlessly integrated with Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture […]

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13 Oct 2020

The Transformation of Radiology using Technology

Radiology has indeed come a long way since 1895, the year of the spectacular discovery of X-rays by German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen. It now plays an inherently crucial role in improved and better diagnosis and patient care. The past few decades have seen the limits of imaging informatics being pushed beyond traditional boundaries thanks to […]

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09 Sep 2020

Unlock productivity, quality and communication with radiology workflow orchestration

Radiology exams are typically categorized as Stroke Cases, STAT cases, Trauma cases, Emergency Radiology, Inpatient, Outpatient and ICU cases etc. A radiologist’s workflow dashboard therefore must be organized in a manner that s/he has access to all vital information with the click of a button. But, it is easier said than done! With increased accessibility [...]
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07 Sep 2020

7 Signs That Diagnostic Centers Should Invest In Tele-Radiology

In today’s competitive healthcare environment, running a diagnostic imaging center is not easy. Apart from the high equipment cost at startup, operational and ongoing financial challenges abound. A technology innovation that can assist owners of diagnostic centers in optimizing their center’s performance is teleradiology. This article lists the typical scenarios in which owners of diagnostic […]

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