Join us and let’s enjoy the great success together!

Telerad Tech is seeking distribution representation for our radiology software products for human and veterinary imaging in your country and would welcome your possible interest in the same.

With a presence in 20+ countries, we also offer the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our technical expertise allows our distributor partners to focus completely on their business. Regular demos and handling of technical queries help us to aid them in closing deals.

We grant attractive fixed commission from our recommended price list and fully support our distributors with customer proposal, training, marketing, and lead generation aids. We have a strong product and technical support team which remotely deploys the software and provide 24X365 customer and technical support.

Our business mission is to become a market leader in RIS-PACS and make positive difference in the business of our radiologists and in the lives of our partners and patients.

Please join us and let’s enjoy the great success together!

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