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    Empower you Radiology with MammoAssist

    MammoAssist is amongst the impressive line of 40 AI Algorithms tools under development at the AI Lab of Telerad Tech – global frontrunners in the AI-assisted radiology reporting. MammoAssist uses Deep Learning and Image Processing approach in the field of radiology. It identifies critical clinical findings thereby enhancing the ability of radiologists to report cases with high level of accuracy and efficiency.  MammoAssist can integrate seamlessly with any existing PACS in your facility. Not just that, a distinguishing feature of the Telerad Tech’s AI assisted radiology reporting is that, radiologists can get a structured report of their studies with all key measurements by executing the algorithm.

    MammoAssist detections










    Bilateral Asymmetry


    Tissue types

    Value Propositions

    • Incidental Finding
    • Priority Findings
    • Mass Screening
    • Structured Reporting
    • Automated QA
    • Increased Productivity
    • Enhanced Accuracy
    • Improved Consistency

    MammoAssist is available on a pay-per-use model on the cloud with a very attractive price package. We are offering a 30-days free trial to prominent cancer facilities.


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