PHP Developer

Job Title: PHP developer

Job Description:

As A PHP developer You Are Responsible for Managing Back-End Services and Ensure a Seamless Interchange of Data between the Server and the Users. Your Primary Focus Will Be The Development Of All Server-Side Logic, Definition And Maintenance Of The Central Database, And Ensuring High Performance And Responsiveness To Requests From The Front-End. You Will Also Be Required To Maintain The Central Database And Respond To Requests From Front-End Developers.

Key responsibilities:

  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers.
  • Conducting analysis of website and application requirements.
  • Writing back-end code and building efficient php modules.
  • Developing back-end portals with an optimized database.
  • Updating and altering application features to enhance performance.
  • Work with product, quality, devops and ops to ensure that we deliver the best possible customer experience.
  • Be available as necessary to troubleshoot urgent issues.
  • Adhere to product and workflow processes, engaging with the team to make continual improvements.


desired Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Science Or A Similar Field. Or Equivalent Experience.

Skills And Experience:

  • 3+ Years Of Proven Software Development Experience In Php.
  • Strong Knowledge Of Mysql.
  • Demonstrable Knowledge Of Web Technologies Including Html, Css, Javascript, Ajax, Etc.
  • Strong Written And Verbal Communication Skills, And Excellent Listening Skills.
  • Understanding Of Object-Oriented Php Programming.
  • Good Problem-Solving Skills.

Job location: Bangalore

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