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As a support to all the healthcare providers and imaging centers to pivot and adopt teleradiology, we have decided to offer our RADSpa RIS -PACS solution at free of cost for triaging critical results. Our AI integrated workflow platform allows radiologists to continue to be more productive and make a truly valuable contribution during critical times.

With RADSpa RIS-PACS solutions you can:

  • Increase Safety of the reporting Radiologist
  • Increase Productivity of the Radiologist
  • Overcome challenge of Radiologist availability
  • Reduce TATs help in faster clinical decisions

Telerad Tech has been founded by a group of technology innovators and eminent radiologists with the focus to develop products and solutions to address the gaps and needs of Healthcare IT in general, and radiology automation systems in particular. Today, it is amongst the market leaders in providing integrated RIS-PACS software solutions for teleradiology, medical imaging centers, and hospitals of all sizes globally. Telerad Tech has the best mix of domain understanding and technology processes to implement technology solutions to solve the radiology workflow problems. The products are developed, tested, and piloted in the radiology ecosystem and hence equipped with providing the most efficient, radiologist friendly workflow.

About Telerad Tech

Our Technology can support all types of DICOM modalities and can be customized to fit any imaging infrastructure.

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