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    Industry’s most innovative and comprehensive AI-enabled RIS-PACS Workflow platform on the Cloud

    RADSpa - AI Enabled RIS-PACS Workflow

    RADSpa is Telerad Tech’s Next Generation AI Integrated Radiology Workflow Platform with an Integrated RIS-PACS, designed to scale from a standalone diagnostics center to large-scale Multi-Site, Multi-Geography radiology centers & hospitals. RADSpa is available in Cloud, Enterprise, and OEM deployment models.

    Why Choose RADSpa?

    Deployed in more than 24+ countries across the globe, RADSpa is a next generation AI-enabled integrated Radiology Workflow Platform with highly advanced analytics and Workflow Orchestration capabilities.

    Designed to Improve Radiology Efficiency


    Scalable solution


    Advanced viewing features


    Modality Agnostic


    Easy integration


    Dashboard & MIS


    Flexible licensing Model


    Artificial intelligence


    Round-the-clock Technical Support

    AI-Powered Algorithms in RADSpa Changes Interactions in Patient Care

    RADSpa has access to Telerad Tech’s in-house AI algorithms which integrates seamlessly with its RIS-PACS. Besides this, AI tools of any 3rd party can also be very easily integrated with RADSpa workflow to give a unified AI experience to the user. These AI tools, when executed over the scanned images, empowers Radiologists to provide increased, consistently accurate and faster diagnosis.

    Be the First to Experience AI Powered Radiology

    Deployment Models

    RADSpa Cloud (SaaS)


    RADSpa Enterprise Model




    Ultimate Edition

    Ultimated Edition

    Experience state-of-the-art technology allowing Radiologists to be exponentially more productive.


    HIPAA compliant

    We adhere to all necessary compliances and have the accreditations required to ensure that our product is of global standards.

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