RADSpa Smart Features

When compared with other Teleradiology products. RADSpa features more effective distribution of results, supporting documentation and more flexible teleradiology components

Real-time worklists

HIPAA compliant

Web-based reporting

Multilingual software

Multi-monitor support

Vendor Neutral Archive

Multi-user application access

HIS/EMR integration with or without HL7

Application Workability at low internet bandwidth

 Supports all DICOM compliant modalities

  Platform agnostic Web-viewer

Scalable Architecture

 FDA and CE approved

  Advanced applications supporting MIP/MPR, 2D/3D viewer

RADSpa - 2D Viewer Features

2D Viewer Features
  • View multiple images of multiple studies concurrently
  • User can set his/her own Hanging Protocol for respective modality
  • User can customize his/her layout in the viewport using custom feature
  • Option to view entire series of images in single view port using Stack study option
  • Can embed key images in the report using “Clip images to Report” feature
  • Easy configuration for enabling/disabling of the multi-monitors
  • Non-DICOM/secondary capture image displayed as a separate series
  • Viewer synced with Reporting to avoid interpretation errors
  • Supports DICOM images of all standard modalities
  • Designed to optimize system resource and load images rapidly

Advanced 3D DICOM Viewer Features

  • Minimum Intensity Projection (Min IP)
  • Maximum Intensity Projection (Max IP)
  • Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR)
  • Curved Planar Reconstruction (CPR)
  • Multi-modality fusion
  • Multi-volume fusion
  • Multi-modality 2D viewer
  • Sculpting tools
  • User customizable color presets
3D DICOM Viewer Features


One Touch

RADSpa OneTouch is a Clinical Alert App for the Physicians. It alerts physician on a smartphone once the case is signed off by the radiologist. By tapping the alert notification on the mobile screen, a Physician can access the report in full-screen mode with associated images

Self-Configurable Real-Time Performance Dashboards

RADSpa’s analytics gives snapshot of analytical information that helps medical imaging facilities to optimally utilise their resources. It presents complex data in the form of simple and actionable visual reports. Performance reports can be generated on multiple parameters and for variety of usage. Some common ones include:

1. Report by Study type
2. Report by Order type (Emergency, Electives…)
3. Report by Modality type
4. Productivity Report

RADSpa Quality
RADSpa Analytics Dashboard

Major Focus Areas

EU Countries Russia | Germany | United Kingdom | France | Italy | Spain | Poland | Ukraine | Romania | Netherlands | Belgium| Sweden | Czech Republic | Greece | Portugal | Hungary | Belarus | Austria| Switzerland | Serbia | Bulgaria | Denmark | Slovakia | Finland | Norway | Ireland | Croatia | Moldova | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Albania | Lithuania | Slovenia | North Macedonia | Latvia | Estonia | Luxembourg | Montenegro | Malta | Iceland | Andorra | Liechtenstein | Monaco | San Marino | Holy SeeArabic Countries Algeria | Bahrain | Comoros | Djibouti | Egypt | Iraq | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Mauritania | Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Somalia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | The United Arab Emirates | Yemen.

African Countries Nigeria | Ethiopia| Egypt| DR Congo | Tanzania | South Africa | Kenya | Uganda |Sudan | Algeria | Morocco | Angola | Ghana | Mozambique | Madagascar | Côte d’Ivoire | Cameroon | NigerMali| Burkina Faso| Malawi | Zambia | Chad | Somalia | Senegal | Zimbabwe | Guinea | Rwanda | Benin | Burundi | Tunisia | South Sudan | Togo | Sierra | Leone | Libya| Congo| Central African Republic | Liberia | Mauritania | Eritrea | Gambia | Botswana | Namibia | Gabon | Lesotho | Guinea-Bissau | Equatorial Guinea | Mauritius | Eswatini | Djibouti | Comoros | Cabo Verde | Sao Tome & Principe | SeychellesNorth American  USA | Canada | Mexico | Cuba

Oceania Australia | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea

Asian Countries India | Indonesia | Bangladesh | Japan | Philippines | Vietnam | Iran | Turkey | Thailand | Myanmar | South Korea | Iraq | Afghanistan | Malaysia | Nepal | North Korea | Sri Lanka | Jordan | Singapore | State of Palestine | Georgia | Mongolia | Timor-Leste | Cyprus | Bhutan | Maldives | Brunei


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