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RADSpa - "RIS and PACS Radiology Workflow Solution" is Telerad Tech’s Next Generation AI enabled Radiology platform, it is designed to scale from a Standalone diagnostics center to Large-scale Multi-Site, Multi-Geography Radiology Centers & hospitals. RADSpa is available in Cloud, Hybrid, Enterprise and OEM Licensing models. RADSpa RIS-PACS Platform is being used by more than 1500+ Teleradiology Service Providers across the globe. Few of our Customers are listed below

Make your Radiology Workflow Smarter

Designed to Improve Radiology Efficiency

Jump Start Your Radiology Services

Orchestrated Workflow Management

RADSpa Analytics / MIS

Patient Security Frame work

24x7 technical Support

Predictive Rule Engine

MPR / MIP / 3D Viewer

Real time Worklist

Zero Footprint Viewer

Web based Reporting

RADSpa comes with auto-order and auto-assignment features which makes the Radiology workflow easier. It also enables faster uploading of images even at lower bandwidth conditions with in build peer review module.

RADSpa Workflow

AI-Powered Algorithms in RADSpa

Telerad Tech’s in-house AI algorithms has been seamlessly integrated with RADSpa to make it a complete radiology software. These AI tools, when executed over the scanned medical images, empowers Radiologists to provide increased, consistently accurate and faster diagnosis. To give a unified AI experience to the user, integration of RADSpa workflow with any 3rd party AI tool is also possible.

Single Center, Cloud

Single Center, Hybrid

RADSpa: RIS PACS software offers flexible and customizable licensing models suiting every teleradiology need starting from a standalone diagnostics center to large-scale Multi-Site, Multi-Geography radiology centers & hospitals.

Radiologist Pool

Multi-site, Multi-geography facilities

Deployment Topologies

About Telerad Tech

Telerad Tech was established in 2009 with the goal of optimizing radiology productivity and improving patient outcome delivery through transformational medical imaging software solutions. Today, it is amongst the market leaders in providing integrated RIS-PACS software solutions for teleradiology, medical imaging centres, and hospitals of all sizes globally. Telerad Tech’s solutions cater to workflows needs across departments, including Radiology, Cardiology, Podiatry, Orthopedic, Chiropractic, Oncology and Veterinary.



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