Tag: Cloud Computing

30 Sep 2014
Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Architecture

A pie in the sky or a really useful technology?

Healthcare enterprises are adopting the cloud computing architecture and cloud computing services, with open arms. While initially there were concerns about security on the cloud server, over the last few years, all these doubts have been cleared and the cloud-based solution is here to stay! Here are some advantages of cloud-based computing.

If you are:
1) A hospital wanting to share images with another hospital
2) A Radiologist wanting to view studies and dictate a report from anywhere at anytime
3) A referring physician who wants to look at a Radiologists report and discuss the procedure with a patient
4) A transcriptionist who wants to transcribe a dictation of a Radiologist
5) A management executive who wants to constantly look at business analytics and create strategies
6) A patient who wants to receive a report of a recent exam

Then the chances are that you are doing all this via the cloud. It could be a private cloud, a hybrid cloud or a public cloud.

What unique advantages do cloud technology and cloud hosting offer my business?
No hardware and software costs
No cost of ownership and maintenance (24×7 support)
No worries about archiving and backup
Latest version of software, operating system, hardware
Common platform for radiologists, physicians for sharing
Low cost, pay per use, good cash flow
The images are stored as per HIPAA compliance needs and are available for 7, 14 or 21 years. The entire cloud computing architecture is replicated in real time across a different geographical territory to enable disaster management. In addition, the images show up as PRIORS when a physician or a radiologist views the recent study of a patient thereby making a diagnosis simpler and easier. Most importantly the end user does not have to worry about maintenance of the hardware. This is a huge cost saving for both the large healthcare enterprise as well as the small clinics.

With cloud computing architecture and cloud computing services, the end user can now focus on his business and forget the rest !

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