Telerad Tech’s Partnership With Zebra Medical Vision Will Help Improve Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Telerad Tech Partnership with Zebra Medical Vision

Telerad Tech’s Partnership With Zebra Medical Vision Will Help Improve Medical Imaging Diagnosis

Telerad Tech, Bangalore, the technology affiliate of Teleradiology Solutions (TRS), and Zebra Medical Vision, Israel, announced today that they signed a partnership to bring Zebra-Med’s cloud-based deep learning analytics engine to over 20 countries and 150 hospitals and healthcare organizations.

Zebra Medical Vision has been a pioneer in the development and commercialization of deep learning imaging analytics solutions, and since 2015 has released clinical applications that automatically identify liver, lung, bone and cardiovascular disease, as well as breast cancer and intra-cranial bleeding.

“Our company, India’s first and largest teleradiology company, is proud to serve healthcare systems that treat millions of patients in over 20 countries globally,” said Dr. Arjun Kalyanpur, CEO of Teleradiology Solutions and Telerad Tech. “Our emphasis and focus have always been on high-quality radiology reporting. Zebra’s ability to produce and deploy AI for radiology is the exact type of added value we hope to bring to help fulfill our vision of impacting patient diagnosis and medical care in India, Asia, and Africa.”

AI’s deep learning capabilities enable reading and diagnosis of medical images with reduced human intervention and would assist radiologists to prioritize studies and provide a faster point of care to patients even in remote parts of India. AI algorithms will help in detecting overlooked indications and in providing insights which assist in building a synergistic preventative care program. This means improved outcomes and enhanced care delivery for patients and possibly reduced costs of treatment.

AI empowers radiologists to enhance their value and become more involved in patient care management, thereby making radiology an even more integral part of healthcare in India and abroad.

Source: Business Wire

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