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VETSpa is designed especially for veterinarians and radiologists and comes loaded with exclusive features like Vertebral Heart Score (VHS), Tibial-Plateau-Leveling-Osteotomy (TPLO), platform-independent viewer capabilities, VNA, etc. These features help veterinarians to diagnose fractures in animals. The platform also offers other features like CD burning and image sharing.

Engineered for the way Vets work

Telerad Tech’s VetSpa is a Picture Archival Communication System (PACS) with an integrated Radiology Information System (RIS) workflow for Veterinary Radiology. It has been designed especially for the veterinarians and veterinary radiologists. VetSpa can be used to securely acquire, upload, view, diagnose, annotate, transfer, archive and access veterinary medical images and reports. Its intelligent veterinary radiology workflow enables integrated image management through central­ized scheduling to multiple connecting modalities, sites or centers. The Active Push feature enables faster uploading of images at peak load even in low bandwidth conditions.

VetSpa can be connected fast and effortlessly with all imaging devices in the clinic, thereby allowing for rapid, reliable and smooth deployment. It is very user-friendly and hence requires minimal training and shorter familiarization period.

VetSpa is being currently used by over hundreds of Veterinarians globally to report studies for a range of modalities, includ­ing X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Endoscopy.

VetSpa at a Glance


Our 24X7X365 technical support ensures that the system is used to its fullest potential and capabilities all the time.


Telerad Tech team provides full guidance in the assessment and audit of existing hardware and bandwidth capacities and accordingly provides recommendations for procurement of hardware.
We also offer turn-key solutions, if requested.


Major Focus Areas

EU Countries
Russia | Germany | United Kingdom | France | Italy | Spain | Poland | Ukraine | Romania | Netherlands | Belgium| Sweden | Czech Republic | Greece | Portugal | Hungary | Belarus | Austria| Switzerland | Serbia | Bulgaria | Denmark | Slovakia | Finland | Norway | Ireland | Croatia | Moldova | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Albania | Lithuania | Slovenia | North Macedonia | Latvia | Estonia | Luxembourg | Montenegro | Malta | Iceland | Andorra | Liechtenstein | Monaco | San Marino | Holy See
Arabic Countries
Algeria | Bahrain | Comoros | Djibouti | Egypt | Iraq | Jordan | Kuwait | Lebanon | Libya | Mauritania | Morocco | Oman | Palestine | Qatar | Saudi Arabia | Somalia | Sudan | Syria | Tunisia | The United Arab Emirates | Yemen.
African Countries
Nigeria | Ethiopia| Egypt| DR Congo | Tanzania | South Africa | Kenya | Uganda |Sudan | Algeria | Morocco | Angola | Ghana | Mozambique | Madagascar | Côte d’Ivoire | Cameroon | NigerMali| Burkina Faso| Malawi | Zambia | Chad | Somalia | Senegal | Zimbabwe | Guinea | Rwanda | Benin | Burundi | Tunisia | South Sudan | Togo | Sierra | Leone | Libya| Congo| Central African Republic | Liberia | Mauritania | Eritrea | Gambia | Botswana | Namibia | Gabon | Lesotho | Guinea-Bissau | Equatorial Guinea | Mauritius | Eswatini | Djibouti | Comoros | Cabo Verde | Sao Tome & Principe | Seychelles
North American 
USA | Canada | Mexico | Cuba 
Australia | New Zealand | Papua New Guinea
Asian Countries
India | Indonesia | Bangladesh | Japan | Philippines | Vietnam | Iran | Turkey | Thailand | Myanmar | South Korea | Iraq | Afghanistan | Malaysia | Nepal | North Korea | Sri Lanka | Jordan | Singapore | State of Palestine | Georgia | Mongolia | Timor-Leste | Cyprus | Bhutan | Maldives | Brunei
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