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Mobile RADSpa

Mobile ComputingMobile Computing

mobileRADSpa® is an excellent mobile teleradiology solution & a next generation radiology automation...
DICOM router image

DICOM routerDICOM Gateway

RADSpa® Router is a fast DICOM gateway that intelligently routes the images received from various modalities connected in a hospi
Connected Imaging image

Connected ImagingConnected Imaging

Connected Imaging enables patients to access and manage their own images and medical data...
RADSpa Radiology Analytics for Business Image

RADSpa® AnalyticsBusiness Analytics Software

Provides historic analysis of large volume of data using BI (Business Intelligence) tools, Dashboard displays data summary and can
Radspa Viewer image

DICOM ViewerDICOM Image Viewer

RADSpa® Viewer is the DICOM viewing application and processing tool. The viewer is tightly Integrated with the RADSpa® RIS & Wor
RIS - radiology information system image

Radiology Information System – RISRadiology Information System

Product is targeted to market where they want to add the RIS to an existing PACS...
PACS plus image

RADSpa® PACS PlusData Management

Product is targeted to markets where there is a requirement for PACS solution and the workflow, workflow rules/ parameters are not
radspa on cloud image

Cloud SolutionsCloud Solutions

Breaking out from the boundaries of Radiology Information Systems and PACS...


VNA - Vendor Neutral Archive image

Vendor Neutral Archive – VNAHIPAA

RADSpa® is tightly integrated with a Vendor neutral archive providing HIPAA compliant storage for 7 year
facebook integration image

Facebook IntegrationFacebook Integration

RADSpa® Viewer supports secured uploading of key images to Facebook and other social networking portals
dropbox integration image

Dropbox IntegrationDICOM Images

Hospitals can use dropbox to upload DICOM images without even logging into the RADSpa® portal...
Patient Portal to Share DICOM Images and Reports

Patient PortalPatient Portal

Patient portal allows hospitals to share DICOM images and reports with patients. Patients can login and v
radspa Archival image


Archival to multiple nodes including online (SAN/NAS), cloud, PACS and offline volumes. Supports auto-fet
MWL image

Modality Worklist GeneratorDICOM Modality Worklist Server

Modality Worklist (MWL) enables primary imaging equipment (modalities- CT, MR, CR etc.)
appointment scheduler image

SchedulerPatient Scheduling

Supports centralized scheduling of patients to multiple modalities and locations/ sites/ centers/ hospita
Scan and attach image

SCAN and AttachDocument Scanning Software

This solution will enable users to add patient documents to the order at the time of order creation...

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