RADSpa Deployment Models

Deployment Models

Telerad Tech offers flexible and customizable licensing models suiting specific requirement of users. The licensing models are

On Cloud

RADSpa Cloud (SaaS)

RADSpa Cloud (SaaS)

A user can deploy the software on the go. Users are charged a one-time set-up cost and a nominal monthly rental. With a nominal monthly rental pack, a user can upload fixed number of studies free of charge. A study can have one or multiple images.

On Premise

Clients having their own Servers or Data Centers can  pick-up one of the following licensing models for on-premise deployment of the software:


The R-PACS version is best suited for a single-site facility having a monthly case-load of 1000 studies per month. Standard R-PACS is available for up to 3 types of modalities.


This is best suited for single site facility, including a single mobile diagnostic unit with a monthly case-load from 1000 studies to 2500 studies. Standard Edition is available for 4-5 types of modalities.


This is best suited for facilities having 2-3 sites with a monthly caseload of 1000 studies. Professional Edition is available for 6-10 types of modalities


This is best suited for facilities having more than 3 sites and reporting more than 1000 studies a month across all types of modalities.


OEM companies interested in selling RIS-PACS enabled modality machine can go for our OEM PACS.

Ultimate Edition

RADSpa Ultimate is best suited for large-scale state-wide or country-wide deployments. When connected to a central hub, RADSpa can process millions of studies per year.


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