Vendor Neutral Archieve

Transforming Radiology across broders



RADSpa® is tightly integrated with a Vendor-neutral archive providing HIPAA compliant storage for 7 years or more. PRIORS of John Doe show up on the work-list for the Radiologist and physician for ease of reporting and viewing.

Today with the rapidly changing PACS scenario and also the need to instantly access Prior images it is important for the user to look for a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). This enables the user to pick up his archived data at any time and move to a new PACS system. RADSpa® is tightly integrated with a VNA and allows you to:


  •  Archive studies and reports for 7 years or more
  •  Provide for disaster management by real time replication of data centers, ensuring your data is absolutely safe
  •  Retrieve in a fast and speedy fashion the relevant old studies
  •  Display of PRIORS for easy viewing and reporting.
  •  Recurring capital acquisition and capacity expansion costs for hardware and software
  •  Changing trends in data storage technology
  •  Lengthy data retention periods
  •  Regulatory compliance burdens and headaches (HIPAA Security Rule)
  •  Recurring system administration costs
  •  Recurring hardware and software maintenance costs
  •  Technology refresh and migration costs
  •  Data center resource costs
  •  PACS vendor lock-in risks

We can also take care of your legacy studies and move to them to RADSpa® so you have everything under one roof! With the VNA and cloud based architecture your data is not only stored in a HIPAA compliant fashion but is also absolutely safe and secure.

Your worries of data security are a thing of the past now with RADSpa®


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